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Armida Russell

Armida Mendez Russell

Armida Mendez Russell has earned an international reputation for her work in the field of Organization Development and Diversity Management. She is co-author of The Diversity Directive, Why Some Initiatives Fail and What to Do About It, and author of several organizational climate assessment tools. Armida is the originator of the Head (Knowledge), Heart (Understanding) Hand (Skills/Application) model, which is the basis for her work.

Ms. Mendez Russell spearheaded and co-authored the Discovering Diversity Profile® and co-authored the Global Diversity Survey® among others. Armida is the Co-Founder and president of DiversityFIRST Consulting. Prior to holding that position, she was the Head of Global Diversity at BMC Software and Founder/CEO of Mendez Russell Training & Development, Inc.

Ms. Mendez Russell has been recognized by Profiles in Diversity Journal as a diversity pioneer and for her work in the field which is used by numerous global organizations as the foundation for a wide range of diversity and change management initiatives.

Armida has worked in partnership with several major organizations to assess their strategies, structures and processes to improve organizational effectiveness and performance.

Armida has developed numerous initiatives designed to manage change in a complex business environment. Clients include Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, 3M, Bayer, American Express, International Paper, Citibank, Medtronic, Ford, General Mills, Dell Computers and Google. Educational institutions include Baylor University, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin and El Paso Community College among others in business, government and not-for-profit organizations. Ms. Mendez Russell currently works with the National Diversity Council as a Senior Consultant and as a facilitator for the National Diversity Council’s Diversity and Inclusion Certification Program.