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Cassandra Washington

Cassandra Washington

With her inquisitive nature and playful personality, Cassandra connects with her audiences immediately, builds relationships based on trust and respect, and delivers training that people can apply right away. Cassandra has spent years advising, informing, and inspiring audiences as a multi-faceted…(more)

Trainer – After spending the early part of her career designing and delivering business and job skills training for electric utility and telecommunications companies, she has been the go-to trainer for companies that want their people to improve communication and leadership skills, value and respect differences, and achieve greater results. As a contract trainer for one of the top seminar companies in the United States, Cassandra honed her skills to motivate audiences to take action toward their goals.

Coach – Cassandra coaches both individuals and organizations on how to realize their greatest potential and achieve their goals.

Consultant – When not delivering empowering programs for audiences across the country and abroad, Cassandra travels throughout the world, increasing her own knowledge base and experiences to bring back to her clients.

Author – Cassandra is the author of a top-selling business skills book, “How to Manage Unacceptable Employee Behavior,” and she is quoted in leadership expert John Maxwell’s book, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” Cassandra is a graduate of The Ohio State University.