The National Training Center is the premier provider of training for diversity and inclusion, leadership skills and professional development. Our instructors can combine the content from all these offerings to provide a customized session that best fits your training needs.


The National Training Center’s Diversity & Inclusion, leadership and personal development programs are offered:

as webinars
in e-Learning format
with LMS connectivity
as on-site workshops
as scheduled programs in a city near you

Every NTC training program includes quizzes and leads to a certificate of completion for both your and your learners’ records.



NTC on-demand webinars are usually 45 minutes to 1 hour programs, presented live by a qualified and experienced member of the National Training Center staff. On-demand webinars can be personalized with your organization’s logo.

Webinars do not have an attendance limit, but more than 10 concurrent locations would involve an additional charge (unless presented over your organization’s private network).

Pricing is discounted for National Diversity Council partners. For partnership information please contact Dennis Kennedy at [email protected].


e-Learning programs

e-Learning puts the learner in charge – courses may be attended at any time, on any day. All NTC e-Learning modules are available for delivery to most internet enabled devices (tablets, smart phones, PC’s, etc.) Courses are Tin Can API 1.0, SCORM, and AICC-compliant.

NTC e-Learning courses are available both as narrated presentations with navigation, interactions, and tracking in the more familiar enhanced PowerPoint format, or in a totally interactive, user-driven, responsive format preferred by those who expect to create their own learning experience with immediate feedback.

Email registration is required for all e-learners.

All e-learning courses contain embedded quizzes and lead to a certificate of completion (available only when learner successfully completes the course).

e-Learning Pricing

Pricing is discounted for National Diversity Council partners. For partnership information, please contact Dennis Kennedy at [email protected].


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The National Training Center’s advanced Learning Management System allows you to monitor and track participation and performance of all of your organization’s learners. Reports and scorecards provide you with up-to-date customized analytics that can be shared with management.

The NTC’s LMS provides you with the tools required to actually measure and document learning progress.

Users can participate in the NTC’s online, ready-to-go LMS (a proven system used by organizations worldwide) without having to invest in an expensive LMS or involve your organization’s IT staff, or individual e-learning course results can be integrated with your own organization’s LMS.

Whatever option you choose, there is no limit on the number of learners.

LMS pricing is in addition to the NTC’s e-learning course pricing as shown above. NTC LMS pricing is a monthly fee based upon number of learners. Clients may discontinue the LMS service at any time.

Please contact Dennis Kennedy at [email protected] to discuss the fee for integrating e-learning results with your organization’s LMS.

For partnership information, please contact us.


Onsite Workshops

The National Training Center’s works with an extensive network of qualified, proven diversity practitioners, each with years of experience in presenting materials to a large variety of audiences.

Based upon the results of an informal interview (always at no charge), the NTC will recommend the most appropriate trainer for your unique audience and subject matter. Biographies and references are always provided.

All NTC programs are available as onsite workshops. Handouts and certificate of completion are included.

In addition to content presentation, workshops include scenarios, exercises, best practice examples and more. Workshops can range from 2 hours to a full day.

Pricing for our traveling trainers is always based upon a day rate, plus T&E. All trainers are fully prepared to provide multiple workshops on any day, based upon your schedule.

Attendance is most effective when classroom size is limited to around 30 learners.

Onsite Workshops Pricing

Please contact Dennis Kennedy at [email protected] for Onsite Workshops pricing.


Scheduled Programs

The National Training Center provides scheduled training at various locations throughout the year. These programs are presented by qualified experts, all with many years of D&I training experience.

Pricing for these programs is individual learner based. Content is derived from the NTC’s training programs and varies from month to month.

All programs are ½ day, but frequently two separate programs are offered on the same day at the same location. For example, Diversity 101 may be offered in the morning, while Bridging the Generational Gap may be offered in the afternoon. Attendance at both sessions is not required, but discounts apply for learners who choose both sessions.

The National Training Center reserves the rights to cancel any program if registration does not meet minimum quantities, in which case any fees prepaid will be promptly refunded.

For the latest city-by-city schedule click here.