About Us

Welcome to the National Training Center (NTC) website. The NTC is a training resource meant to provide customizable and accessible training to all who need it. From individuals looking to grow professionally to organizations looking to enhance their practices, the National Training Center is here to offer the support you need. Our cutting-edge curriculum is available in different online and on-site formats in order to reach a wider audience and to fulfill the needs of our clients. We invite you to take the next step for you or your organization by contacting us today.

"The National Training Center is the future of training"

Dennis Kennedy
Founder and Chairman
National Diversity Council


The National Training Center sets out to provide accessible, curated training for anyone looking to broaden their individual or organizational skill set and ultimately create a more motivated, effective, and resilient workforce.


The National Training Center aims to be the leading educational resource that empowers, enlightens, and enhances employees’ skills in an increasingly competitive corporate world.