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Course Instructor: Dr. Lana Petru, PhD
Liderology Consulting Group

Resiliency is what guarantees your ability to survive and thrive regardless of any challenges thrown your way. This course explores keys that lead both individuals and organizations to success. Through use of a resiliency assessment tool, learners will identify gaps in their own resilient behavior and delve into various practices that effectively address those gaps. Learners will also examine the impact of organizational culture on personal resiliency. Finally, learners will examine case studies and best practices used to increase resiliency of organizations.

Learning Outcomes / Course Objectives
By the end of the course, learners will

  • Have a deeper understanding of the concept of resiliency.
  • Be able to identify resiliency characteristics.
  • Discover gaps in resilient behavior
  • Determine methods to bridge gaps in resilient behavior
  • Identify the impact organizations have on personal resiliency.
  • Examine best practices that build resilient organizations.


Bridging The Generation Gap

Available as webinars, eLearning, LMS option, On-site, and Scheduled Program

Course Instructor: Jim Penny
Executive Director
National Diversity Council

Each generation in today’s workforce brings in their own attitudes, values, work ethic, expectations, behaviors and more, making communication between the generations difficult; i.e., what you say may not be what someone else heard. This course clearly explains the differences and provides guidance and best practices on how to overcome generational gaps. Organizations and individuals who master the “gaps” routinely experience higher morale and lower turnover.


Exploring the Nature, Impact, and Resolution of Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Course Instructor: T.K. Floyd, J.D.
National Diversity Council

We all unconsciously and inadvertently say and do things that hurt ourselves and others – we let our biases cloud our decision-making. The result of our misguided judgements can be devastating, particularly in the workplace. But how do we control something that we do not do consciously? This session investigates the nature, impact, and resolution of implicit bias by gaining a deeper understanding of the unconscious mind, which can impact recruitment, hiring, evaluation, promotion, and retention decisions. After learning to identify our misconceptions, we are able to think and act in a more ethical and effective manner. By exploring inclusive and intentional interviewing techniques, retention tips, and training, learners will be able to provide their companies with concrete solutions to resolve implicit bias.