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Jim Penny

Jim Penny

Author of twelve books, including the nine volume Standards of Knowledge management series, Jim Penny is also a speaker, trainer, consultant, mentor, coach, and e-Learning expert. Jim has held many senior level positions in corporate America including Vice President, Sr. VP, EVP, President, COO, and CEO. Jim currently serves as Executive Director of the National Diversity Council and develops program content for the National Training Center.

Jim has spent more than a decade intensely involved with diversity and inclusion including speaking for 6 consecutive years at HRSouthwest (the nation’s largest regional conference for HR professionals) and serving on the diversity committee at DallasHR (SHRM).

For more than a decade, Jim has traveled the country sharing his passion for diversity and inclusion with audiences and senior management. His expertise ranges from helping build the case for diversity and inclusion to assisting organizations in the creation and design of multi-year D&I innovations and strategies. Much of his messaging is based upon and consistent with the National Diversity Council’s DiversityFIRST Toolkit, the nation’s foremost repository of information for diversity professionals.

Because of his experience in HR (beginning in the 1970’s), Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to his webinars and speeches on multigenerational diversity. Jim and his wife currently reside on the Big Island of Hawaii